KMAG Curriculum & Teacher Support Drive

Every fall KMAG reaches out to our community to request additional funding to supplement that which is provided by AISD and provide students and teachers with supplemental textbooks, special equipment, and consumable materials needed to sustain the caliber of academics found in the Kealing Magnet Program. 

In lieu of several fundraisers, KMAG asks for a single monetary donation in the fall during a four-week NO HASSLE donation drive. Our 2019-20 goal of $65,000 would ensure that our funding goals are met.

Not everyone has the resources to donate, so we ask you to please be generous and consider how far YOU can support KMAG and the Kealing magnet program through YOUR financial contribution? 

KMAG has worked with faculty and administration to determine the most important and impactful uses of your donations. Here is how your dollars will be used:
  • $50 = provides classroom supplies (chicken wings for science dissections, books for English electives)
  • $100 = sponsors the Kealing team for an academic competition such as Quiz Bowl or National Geography Bee
  • $250 = purchases a new Chromebook for classroom use 
  • $500 = buys a ticket  for teachers to attend national academic conferences
  • $1000 = funds two much needed overhead computer projectors for magnet teacher classrooms 
KMAG accepts PayPal, including EFT transfers from your bank account and most major credit cards. Please click on the donate button on the top right of this page.

If you prefer to donate via check, please click here to download the donation form and make checks payable to KMAG. Mail check donations to:

Kealing Magnet Advisory Group
1607 Pennsylvania Ave.
Austin, TX 78702-2020 

Does your workplace match donations?
If your workplace offers matching donations, then please apply for those matching funds. KMAG’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) is: 464801319. Some workplaces that are matching donation partners with KMAG include: Dell, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, and Samsung.

For more information on the matching gift program, please contact

Interested in making a small donation each month to KMAG? In efforts to make it easier on your pocketbook and spread out donations, have Paypal take an amount you set out every month (or bi-weekly or quarterly).

Click on the button below to make a recurring payment! You sign up once and paypal will do the rest!

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