posted Aug 26, 2016, 8:29 AM by Casa Delwood

KMAG's one and only fundraising activity (apart from our 4-week fundraising drive starting in September) is a Book Fair at Book People.  The Fair begins August 26th and continues through September 11, and you can use it to purchase required reading for ELA, social studies and other courses.


20% of ALL purchases (except coffee, gift cards etc) will be given to KMAG.


Each magnet student should have received a bright neon green flyer from their English teacher.  You can also print the flyer here.  Please bring the hardcopy flyer with you to Book People as they need to attach it to their copy of the receipt before KMAG receives any contribution.


Thank you for your support by purchasing your required books (and maybe a few gifts here and there!) at Book People in the next two weeks. Book People goes all out in making a beautiful display for Kealing. Happy shopping!

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